EuroMaster Art - European Romantic Art

For people who prefer something a little more traditional in style, EuroMaster Art should be your first port of call.

We have teamed with one of the best private art collections in Europe to assemble a range of gorgeous landscapes and genre scenes from all over 'The Continent'. Suitable for grand statement canvases or intimate smaller peices, the minute detail and beautiful lighting of these masterpeices will be the crowning glory of your interior design project.

Unlike other online galleries, who focus only on the big names of the past such as Rembrandt, Rubens and Michaelangelo, we focus on slighlty unusual peices by lesser known, but equisitely skilled artists of the same periods. This allows you to select something your audience of family and friends, colleagus or clients will likely never ahve seen before.


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Beautiful beach with sand and mountain     Abstract flower pot still life     Bushfire tree trunks painting     Abstract pattern of circles and triangles in red orange yellow