What is Printism?


Printism is a philosophy, not a just a website. 

Printism is ‘Real Art in Print’

Unlike many print sites, we choose only the artists we think are amazing, so you don't have to sort through a lot of rubbish to find the real art. With over 20 years in the field, a Masters degree in Fine Art and a successful art consultancy business still going strong, we think we know a good thing when we see it!

At Printism, you can look at studio exhibitions, just like in a gallery. We show a substantial series of pieces in each style, so you can actually build a collection of work by your favorite artists.

Here are some examples of our unique studios:

Iconic Australian artist and poster designer James Northfield in 'Vintage Portfolio'

Cubist and Fauvist influences from the 20th century in 'Modernist Studio'

Visionary landscape art in 'Australian Eye'

Detail-oriented concept work in 'Abstract Artisan'

Surrealist art studio 'Poetic Inventions'

Authentic floral and nature art in 'Botanical Outlook'

...and much more to come over the next few months.