Poetic Inventions - Surrealist Art

Sirene artwork from Printism (Installation) 2400px

Poetic Inventions is a studio filled with flights of fancy from the world of dreams. Sometimes charming and even funny, the work can also touch a darker corner of the imagination at times. The feminine is strongly in evidence in this collection and careful viewers will find beautiful evocations of both the joy and sadness of life.

Like the Surrealists, who are the studio's main inspiration, Poetic Inventions take their inspiration from wherever it lies - discarded old portraits, arcane scientific illustrations, Renaissance masters, they are all taken apart and put back together in the service of the imagination. 

The skilled artists at Poetic Inventions studio, bring together a broad range of stylistic influences, including a strong retro aesthetic. What keeps the collection contemporary is a constant focus on concept - from universal images of femininity to a wry, strangely fascinating comment on fast food, you'll find a range of art for both the eye and the mind here.



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