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Blue Forest

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One of our most popular fine art prints, Blue Forest shows a substantial row of young trees in a dense forest. The most striking feature is the wonderful blue colouration of the foreground trees subtly contrasted against the warm orange and yellow tonings of the background in between each tree. A well observed network of thinner branches adds detail and intricacy to the otherwise very simple composition.

As one of our interior designer customers said recently, this image is "less active than some of the others". I think that's a great way of summing up the abstract or graphic-patterned character of this image, which helps it to sit well on the wall, interacting with other decor elements more as a texture than an active subject. The letterbox or extended landscape format also makes this image extremely useful above sofas and in other areas where the height dimension of the wall is limited, but where the designer still wants to use a substatial work.

We have a couple more of these more abstract forest scenes in letterbox format which you may like to check out. Here's an example:

Forest trees with yellow glow and blue sunbeam

After looking around, many still return to Blue Forest, finding its calming shades to be the next best thing to a walk in the forest!


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PS. If you love this image, but find it's not the right shape, you can request a custom crop any time by simply getting in touch here.