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Sydney, Splendid City - Australian Retro Vintage Travel Poster

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Sydney -Splendid City artwork from Vintage Portfolio


The grandaddy of our vintage posters, the venerable Melbourne design by James Northfield may have made it onto Channel 9s 'The Block' this year, but those with a soft spot for Sydney will be able to show their colours too, with this spectacular and amazingly detailed design. 

This glorious Australian art print, designed by the skilled artists at Art Strategies, depicts Sydney Harbour in all its majesty.

Available in a huge range of sizes as Sydney art canvas, paper art print or framed, all our prints are the official versions created by Art Strategies. Beware of cheap imported copies of these designs. For over ten years we have offered stringent autheticity to the original poster designs, as well as the best quality materials and colour fidelity in the market.

The Harbour Bridge dominates the scene, linking the North Shore in the foreground with the towers of the CBD and beyond. Carefully rendered details include Luna Park, the Opera House, Centrepoint Tower and a host of other recognisable landmarks which can provide hours of pleasure for Australians and their families at home or abroad.

Ideal as a souvenir or memento of New South Wales for either visitors or expatriate Australians, the design also incorporates authentic typographic treatments such as the distinctive 'tuning fork' Y character in "SYDNEY" as well as a delightfully hand-rendered script declaring Sydney "Australia's Most Splendid City".

Text © Vintage Portfolio

Vintage Portfolio is Australia's leading producer of vintage travel posters and advertising posters from the 1930s, 1940s and beyond. The collection includes key designs by James Northfield, Australia's best-loved graphic artist of the era. We also carry a collection of modern subjects which lovingly revive the charm of 20th Century art and design.