Iconic Mornington poster – A mystery location?

by Roger Saddington

I've had many people tell me they know the exact spot where James Northfield stood when he conceived his iconic Mornington poster design. I've had an almost equal number swear that the spot doesn’t exist. This morning, a customer gave me a genuine lead when she said it was Mother’s Beach. I did a bit of homework and my new official theory is that this is correct. To be precise, Northfield appears to have stood at Schnapper Point, looking across to Mother’s Beach.

Here’s the poster next to a photo of a suspiciously similar vantage point:


I'd love your help to confirm the theory. Perhaps you live down there? Maybe you even remember the old buidlings shown in the poster! I once had a customer tell me they played in the long-demolished pier structure shown on the other side of the bay.

Let me know what you think...




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