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Red Autumn Tree

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One of the flagship fine art prints in our collection, this gorgeous red tree will fill your home or office with vibrant colour and become a centrepeice of your own collection.

Featuring beautiful autumn foliage in it's full glory at the height of the season, this work will certainly draw the attention of viewers. Red Autumn Tree focuses on a single large tree sprawling across the image, it's dark branches forming a beautiful latticework across the entire frame.

Carefully crafted out of thousands of unique brushstrokes, this image captures the essence of autumn forest scenery and can be readily combined with red, orange or black decor accent colours with ease. Some of our purchasers of this subject have commented that they enjoy the dappled light effects on their walls at different times of the day, creating an interplay with the shimmering colours and textures of the red leaves and branches. There is even the suggestion of a gently moving river in the background, for those who like to look a little more closely.

Available as either print, framed or stretched canvas, the square configuration makes it a versatile image for use in a variety of design situations. We have produced this subject in gloriously sharp detail up to 2.7m in size - to spectacular effect. If you need to customise at larger sizes like this, please let us know here.


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