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Mornington - Vintage Travel Poster by James Northfield

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This wonderfully evocative Australian art print designed by James Northfield, depicts Victoria's Mornington Peninsula landscape and culture in it's heyday. Two young women, resplendent in their 1930s tennis attire, take a break to enjoy the view across Port Phillip Bay on a gorgeous summer day.

Available in a huge range of sizes as Mornington art canvas, paper art print or framed, all our prints are the official versions recognised by the James Northfield Heritage Art Trust. Beware of cheap imported copies of these designs. For over ten years, the Northfield Trust have relied upon us to offer stringent autheticity to the original poster designs, as well as the best quality materials and colour fidelity in the market.

All the classic features that we love about the Peninsula are captured by Northfield - sailing and waterskiing, healthy outdoor sports, and of course the ubiquitous jetty. Amazingly, not much has changed in the intervening 80 years and very similar scenes can be taken in today on any summer weekend. Perfect for anyone who's enjoyed idyllic days in or near Mornington, this poster captures the Australian lifestyle to a tee. In particular, expatriate Australians living abroad will find this poster evokes perfect memories of sunny Oz at it's best.

© All Northfield images courtesy of James Northfield Heritage Art Trust
Text © Vintage Portfolio

Vintage Portfolio is Australia's leading producer of vintage travel posters and advertising posters from the1930s, 1940s and beyond. The collection includes key designs by James Northfield, Australia's best-loved graphic artist of the era. We also carry a collection of modern subjects which lovingly revive the charm of 20th Century art and design.